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French manufacturer of laminated elastomeric bearings (LEB) for bridges and buildings.

French manufacturer of laminated elastomeric bearings (LEB) for bridges and buildings. SNAC designs and manufactures LEB with EC certification as per EN1337-3 (Type A, B, C, D, E and F) in its own factory based in Normandy

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Since 1986, SNAC is a specialist on LEB: reinforced pads, plain pads, sliding pads and restrained pads. Our LEBs are recognized in France and abroad for their high quality of design and manufacturing. LEBs are manufactured in neoprene (CR) or natural rubber (NR) with CE marking. The EC certification is provided by the French third body, specialised in prestressing and bridge fitting, ASQPE. Since 2016, SNAC belongs to RCA, a civil engineering company specialised in bridge expansion joints, repairs, bridge jacking. SNAC and RCA cooperate on many projects of bearing replacement.


SNAC met tout en oeuvre afin de satisfaire ses clients pour que ses produits soient livrés à temps.


SNAC dispose d’experts travaillant les matériaux que nous composons afin de produire des appareils d’appui de qualité.


SNAC a participé à la construction de nombreuses infrastructures à travers le monde.

Why should you choose SNAC as LEB supplier?

Why should you choose SNAC as LEB supplier?

1/ Our technical department can analyse your request and design suitable LEBs and their accessories in accordance to European norms and local requirements

2/ Our LEBs are integrally manufacture in SNAC factory

3/ Raw materials are tested in independent laboratories and in inhouse laboratory

4/ LEBs produced are regularly tested in our inhouse laboratory (compression tests, G modulus tests, shear bond tests)

5/ Our technical department knows how to install, check and replace LEBs

6/ SNAC guarantees its design and its products which have a design life up to 100 years 

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